Easy Electric Spin Duster

Easy Electric Spin Duster

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 This electric duster is wireless with the soft-touch button, 360 degree rotation, 180° bendable, special bristles charged electrostatically, very convenient to attract and trap dust.

ELECTROSTATICALLY - Charged bristles attract and trap dust making it the perfect ceiling fan cleaner, blind cleaner, mini blind duster, pet hair duster, cobweb duster, and baseboard cleaner.

FUN AND EASY TO CLEAN - Multi-function electric dust collector, which cleans the body in all directions. It is made of ultra-fine nanofiber material used for wiping optical lenses. It is especially soft and suitable for cleaning household items.

CONVENIENT USE - Soft fiber can clean dust on cars, trucks, RVs and ships, will not scratch the delicate paint surface, reduce the number of car washes, suitable for indoor and outdoor dust removal. Even on the most expensive antiques and furniture. Use it on blinds and curtain rails.

DUST HARD TO REACH AREAS - Slides easily to every nook and cranny and even on spaces you hands can't get into. Conforms to intricate picture frames without any effort. Clean through blinds easily. Dust lampshades in no time. Dust fake flowers or in between tree branches inside your home. Dusting has never been so easy.



  • It is 100% made with Excellence and Premium Quality.
  • High-quality ABS, Microfiber material.
  • Color: Blue
  • Product size: :2.5 x 5.5 x 17.9 inches